A Distraction Takes Birth In 14 Days

Interaction, attraction, affection and finally distraction, this is exactly how it happens.

To enlarge the circumference of our friendship circle we generally interact with lots of people, people with distinctive features. The analytical part of our mind is now given with a job to put some value or rank based on our inner standard of evaluation which we had set in the past and are updating it based on our experience. They all give and leave for us some sort of imprint that helps us to remind them either way, i.e. positively or negatively.

First Casual Interaction, that finally leads to distraction.
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A particular type of features in the physique and behavior of our opposite sex attracts our mind. In first few interactions, we always try to present the positive crux of us.

We start admiring silently the good qualities of her. Sometimes we also find like our mind runs in an auto mode and takes some inexplicable steps to see her or to make few seconds chitchat like getting up much earlier than usual in the morning to watch her roaming in the garden, automatically reshuffling our schedule according to her etcetera and that’s just for adding few moments of our life passed with her.

In love, no matter, if you are genuine by heart, it’s respected and if you are fake; it shows. Share on X

Later on after 2 – 3 days, we realize that we have started sharing major part of our day for a known stranger, and by that time the affection replaces the attraction. Our mind keeps a proper scan of our heart, like what it feels, how much it rejoices after taking a glimpse of her.  And her voice removes all the strains of stress from our mind. After few more days gone like in this way, it’s our mind only who blames us for being so restless for her, when it finds no response coming from the other side. It’s not like that she doesn’t receive our vibes of attraction towards her rather she tries to be ignorant of it as sometimes it makes her feel annoyed when she doesn’t have any interest in us.

A boy who didn't get love in life
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She makes us realize, the scantiness of love that is there in our lives and that day, she finally makes us to go alone in a place surrounded by emptiness and cry till our heart gets normal to handle the pressure of seeing her again because at the end the only thing that matters is “We want part time happiness”.


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