Not Everything Dies when we die, what Remains is our Indelible Imprint. It’s just a dream, looks very long to walk through; but yeah it’s our life, very short and damn quick.

“We don’t believe it” Do you think so?

Recall yourself 10 years back; identify any particular event you’ve been passed through of that time, Draw a raw scratch of yourself. Now just think in a sequence, all small or big events that shared a part in your life, just feel those events for a time, nothing more than a while. Till now you must be realizing surprisingly “How these 10 years passed, just like with blink of an eye.”

Like this, only our life passes, and we don’t realize it, cause, it doesn’t give us time to think about it. Walking, Walking and Walking, exactly how a layman takes the life, a walk which has no choice but a way to walk upon having no idea about the future status will be.

Once in the life, at least, everybody must have asked himself/herself, where I am heading towards? Half of them, probably, must have asked, what should I achieve?

But did they get the answer?

Perhaps ‘No’, but if anyone has got the answer, then there is nothing else to be corrected, all they need to do is just to remind themselves, about it. The indelible imprints of these people remain alive in everybody’s heart or mind even after their demise.

What the word ‘Indelible Imprint’ means?

Well, an Indelible Imprint is in the form of residuals of a personality that achieved by a person working on a perfect blend of Area of Excellence, Behaviour to Interact, strictness towards his own principles, living in his own unique way without bothering about others. It’s a journey that begins after death.

Things to focus to be indelible imprint. to be immortal.

Many people have given the life, a title of race, where we compete with others, yes it’s a race but I’m not completely agreeing on this perception. We are born with our individual goals, we have our own ambitions, we have our own areas of interest, specialization, we have our own level of intellectuality and excellence and we are to work on ourselves, not on others, there is no involvement of others, so it can’t be a race with others but a race with ourselves.

How to be an Indelible Imprint?

The best way of walking the journey of life is in living it in such a way that we end up with giving something Indelible to the world, a reason to remember us. At present, we can be at any stage of our life, if we go for analysis, many of us will find that we have missed a lot of opportunities, lost such a valuable time, but believe me! still, it’s not late enough!!!

Things to focus to be indelible imprint or to be immortal

We can fix our goals, if not fixed till date, at any stage of our life, just figure out those dreams which we have killed ourselves, the ones that still can be turned to beautiful reality. A journey of life without any set goals can never lead to an “Indelible Imprint”. We need to identify our Area of Excellence and which is dependent on our Area of Interest. Continuously walking in the area of interest severs you from the crowd of clones and helps you to enhance the area of excellence and thereby it helps you in emerging as an indelible imprint.

Just be yourself, don’t portray anyone else, be the “Indelible Imprint”

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