difference between destiny dependent and destiny writer

Between Destiny and Destination

difference between destiny dependent and destiny writerConfusion always prevails between destiny and destination; people call it destiny those who don’t have any destination. Ones who’ve their own goals and are working on it passionately, write their own destiny and that’s called destination. Not mere a difference of words, it changes the attitude towards facing anything we come across.

Destiny Dependent

People, those who don’t find any difference between what they’ve got and what they could’ve achieved. They end up at blaming their destiny for their failures and scarcities of the life. The destiny snatches all the credits for their aimless harden up efforts, even if they’ve done. They can’t appraise themselves wholeheartedly for their achievements as everything sounds like a gift of God, though it is.

Destiny Writers

People, who believe, making their ‘present’ better, write their own destiny. Ignoring the past and keeping their bull’s eye, on the path, leading to crafting their desired future, they finally make it happen. They don’t see the destiny, they believe in creating it. There will always be a reaction to their actions, whether now or later, a quote that aids in keeping them motivated.

the difference between destiny dependent and destiny writersBetween Destiny and Destination

Many people may reason it to be sourced from the environment, the lifestyle and the availability of resources. I call it, a partly true statement. People like Mr. Steven Paul Jobs, India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, Mr. Rajat Sharma, Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani, Mr. Ratan Tata, Mr. Stephen King, and million others, have set the examples. They’ve challenged their destiny irrespective of their restraining background. Separate the mindset of the people, now both are the same, the difference won’t exist between destiny and destination. It’s just how we feel it.

The lines that have been motivating me since my childhood-

 “Good boy practice more and more,

Success will come to your door.

Sit your items never dear,

Wrong thoughts should not come near.

You can awaken luck yourself,

Don’t hope anyone will give me help.

The Inner power you should save,

Turn in favor disfavor waves”

Something that happens if you do nothing is destiny & something that happens through your acts is the destination Click To Tweet

A life-changing event, belling at your door; all you need to do is, tie your shoelaces, get on the track, stick your eyes to the finishing point and that all with a changed mindset that there’s no way back and a pledge that I won’t blame my destiny.

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