Despised Me And The Lovely Crowd

The world is full of lovely people then why I am so despised, Do you feel the same? If yes then this blog is for you. Correct me if I’m wrong as I feel that you will relate at least one of the following two statements with your life and journey so far.

The first one                                                                                                      

Yes I tried a lot to spread love, yes I respected few people a lot because they shared a place in my heart and yes I desired to be loved in return and

The second

Yes I cared unnecessarily for everyone in a try to make them happy, yes I tried not to hurt anyone and yes I desired their blessings in return.

There is a huge majority of people falling in either of two categories. But why, why there is a mismatch?

A person who has never felt the scantiness of love in his life, can’t be a distributor of love because they remain unaware about the value of it in others life. Practically they don’t even bother about it.  These people could be held responsible behind this mismatch of love around the whole world.

It’s a good saying that whatever we give, share or spread reverts back to us. But in case of love this situation rarely finds a way. So in overall the world is filled with 3 categories of people who represent the cycle of love.

Types of personalities based on love that include Despised Creators too.

There are some creators of love who never get love in back, there are some traders of love who receive love as well as distribute it to others and finally there are some consumers of love who receive love but are not bothered to spread it. The Creators of love are doing favor on the earth and the consumers of love are taking that favor.

So Despised creators should feel Proud 

Everyone has a right to be loved back for the love that he/she reposed in someone but getting it from the same person is rarely possible. So we should try to be happy and compensate our dues of love against it if we get love from someone else.

With this concept it can be said that…

There will be Despised Creators and Negligent Consumers of Love, but the World Needs Balanced Traders of Love Click To Tweet

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