Disobedient Mind- Wanna Cure?

disobedient mind - mind not at rest

Does your mind take your permission before getting into any thought? The answer would be a clear ‘No”. Are you worried about it? Well, you need not be! If you have a Disobedient Mind as almost all the people in this world are suffering from this disorder subject to a few exceptions. We recognize them as ‘Mahatma’, ‘Sidh Purush’ ‘Acharya’ etcetera.

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Empty Mind To Disobedient Mind

Let me take you to the beginning when we born, our mind was just like an “Empty Pot”  Initially up to the age 1 year we had no retention capacity (as per research), after that, we started filling it day after day, moment after moment with our experiences, memories, and etcetera. Even till the age of 4 years, we were hardly bothered about it.

Then between 4 to 10 years of age; we start thinking, a fear takes birth which, majorly comprises all bad memories and experiences. At this age, we also used to have the sky touching ambitions in which reality has no game to play. But at that age, we were not matured enough to think about why it’s happening. The only words we had given for every bad thought was ‘Fear’ and for every ambition was ‘Will’.

Developments in Mind

As we grow up, a modification starts in our thoughts because of changes in our level of knowledge and understanding. Few of the past experiences or bad memories which were merely due to the lack of knowledge, start getting cleared and therefore stop disturbing us by rolling in our mind again and again. Together with the blessings, this phase has its own curses too. We start developing a new type of fear that majorly comprises of realistic views embedded in future goals. A blended mixture of all kinds of thoughts drives our mind and makes it think exactly what we don’t want to, and then we call it “A Disobedient Mind”.

People usually hear about and agree upon “A Busy Life is an Easy Life”, but this is not always true. It depends upon what are you busy in.

The more we try to forget something, the more we think about it This happens just because we ourselves helping it to roll in our mind again and again and in this way the size of the problem, though very small actually, seems like a big unbreakable rock.

How to Cure Disobedient Mind

The best way to overcome a disobedient Mind is to find happiness in the daily routine or make your hobby as your job (Daily Routine). When we are busy doing something, we are interested in then our mind follows our instructions. This helps our mind and body to take rest even while working.

Going to the depth of fear by facing it, is one of them. The more we clear ourselves about those fear, we come to know about the hidden reality with crazy doubts behind them. Believing in ourselves, spending the time with most inspiring and creative people gives a new range to our thoughts and helps us in removing the negative notions from our mind and fills it with more creative and innovative ideas.

The only symptom of being out of Disobedient Mind is that we stop thinking that we have any such problem.


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