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Do People Change? Relationships Dilemma

Relationships || People Change || Love Hacks

Yes, people change! And, not because they unveil their real face. There could be other reasons too. This all happens in first 5 years of relationships, beyond that you generally won’t see any changes, hopefully, if your relation lasts till that time. The patience isn’t a cup of tea.

More we know about our partner, more our sentiments trigger and it reflects in our behaviour. These aren’t the feelings those change. It’s just the need of the time. Time to co-ordinate a little more. The time to believe, “my partner still loves me”. Just sit and relax and have some faith too.

Behavioural changes are really common. I call them adjustments. And, adapting the adjustments shouldn’t be taken so negative. See what new qualities have now been added since your first day of your relationship. Relish the beauty of that. Stressing on what you’ve left behind is truly worthless.

Past with Present

Don’t scrape your past good memories to compare with present. Your past might be good but that can’t be brought back today. Today is a better place to live than yesterday where the tomorrow is not in your hand. That’s what I believe. A better today will lead a better tomorrow.

No need to be upset if you feel a changed behaviour. Think it as natural. Might be temporary or situational sometimes. Find the true reason while believing a positive aspect towards your partner. Respect the decisions and accept the circumstances. Keep a chillness of independence in love, don’t heat it up every day.

You may sometimes be hurt, cure your inner self. Share the pain if it goes beyond. Till then, just be happy as you are. Let your love absorb the magic that comes with years of patience.

After a few years, you’ll be a point of silence. You’ll see you and your partner are the same every day. Nothing will be changing then. Trust will be more with lessor excitements. You’ll be missing those silly fights and arguments. The moments that will bloom your face with a bit of regret and happiness, the mixed sentiments.

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