Let your success speak your story. Don't prove by words

Don’t Prove By Words – Do It || Poetry And Poems

let your success prove you, don't prove by words

Mere words won’t work out, so don’t prove! Keep your actions alive and go along with the time. Stay focused, be tactful.

Lying in my nature, it’s a shame,

That I answer everyone who talks shit on my name.

People who love to play the game of blame,

Why the hell I’m Proving to all of them?

Don’t Prove

Don’t prove, just walk away,

Save time, avoid fake fray.

You’re raw, like a lump of clay,

Be a pot, don’t get separate.


It’s nothing like that the proving is wrong,

Words are not enough, make your acts strong.

Don’t expect that your struggle will be seen,

If no results, you’ll see yourself, the losers among.


People speak and I know it hurts,

Proving by words don’t need any guts.

It’s ok if she has no faith in my love,

Regret will realize her it was way beyond flirts.

Take a sigh

What if you’re not yet on the top?

And, what if you’re feeling caught in the rope?

Just breathe in high and take a sigh,

time will escape you, won’t let you get chopped.

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