How to escape from reality to move to Few Days of dreamy illusions of Life.

Few Days of Dreamy Illusions of Life

How to escape from reality to move to Few Days of dreamy illusions of Life.Tired of this harsh and hectic real life, I wish to live a few days of dreamy illusions of life. Flavored with the spice of love and crunchiness of excitements at every second step, I want it to be fully satisfactory.  A place where my mind would create any thought of desire and would find it fulfilled then and there. A phase should come; when the reality can’t touch me, emotions fail to ruin my mood and where the real world seems covered with the mask of my dreams.

I pray from god to grant me this. Where everything is just according to me, where the dreams shape the destiny, I want from life to chase to me. Where I’m faster than myself, shining like a blaze, more lively & limitless, I dream for such a stage.

I’m broken, countless in pieces, scattered at distances. Deeply drilled my heart, those hatred people, they pretended to be candid. Every day has been a depressed day in itself so far. The same day again, can’t handle it now. It’s like an endless loop. I feel my life as going but on a path leading to a destination called nowhere.

Things I’m bored with

  • Brushing up my dusty mind every day,
  • Cleaning the dust of negativism intruded from tiny holes drilled by the last incomplete day,
  • Pushing myself for 9 to 6 torture,
  • Shoving my sweaty load in trains and buses & then
  • Throwing the restless body on the bed for hours for wetting the pillow.

How long is this going to happen to me? Whether I should walk or should I stop right here? Should I keep the game on or quit it right now? Honestly, I don’t know, just want to be out of it. I wished to be empowered to flow this air of emotions, per my directions. I failed and rather it floated me away to infinity where I failed to feel my existence.

Though dreamy illusion is a fallacy but i love it. therefore i want few days of dreamy illusions of life.Love for Illusions of life

I’m now hopeless with the reality to change for me. I don’t feel it wrong visiting the illusionary phase, existing at a virtual place. I accept this dreamy illusion, though it’s a fallacy, I love it wholehearted. Life, like always will be as rude as it is; it’s up to you how you sneak a dream from it. I often visit my dreamy illusion, it’s awesome.

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