The root cause of depression and how to overcome it

Letter To Depression- You’ve Wasted My Time

The root cause of depression and how to overcome itPrayers aren’t working, why me! How everyone is happy, what they’ve got such? Why they don’t think the way I’m doing? Why they don’t question me about this? Could I ever be able to come out of it? Why they can’t see my pain? And I started crying. Tetchiness engulfed me, ruined my natural dealings and then only one thought stroke and yelled at me that I’m abnormal. That’s depression, where your mind goes hell wrong to link your entire wellness with your unbelievable illness.

Afraid of sleeping, I started hating my dreams. Afraid of being trolled I stopped discussing it. Tried making my books to be my cynosure, they became frightful black letters, shaped like horrifying faces with the little lilt. It had beleaguered my mind.

Why Depression?

Conceptually my birth can be enriched with the wishes, whose accomplishment is backed by money, my heart can’t be; its desires are bizarre. Physically compact, this piece carries millions of emotions, don’t know how? I might’ve been blessed with good people and positive social environment, howbeit; my heart always births new scantiness to life, the root cause of depression.

The depression if comes; it breaks your hope, puts you down, snatches your alacrity to win. Therefore, once you lose it, you’ll find your aims impossible. In depression, though you’ll find yourself busy, in doing something that you don’t want to do, that’ll be a complete wastage of time. You’ll have your entire senses active sensing the analysis that your mind would’ve been doing that time. And there comes the time where it prioritizes your latent fears, encrypted inside your heart and put it in front your mind.

Your mind will think too much to make you do nothing. Sitting for hours at one place, crafting the future impossibilities will be your routine and then you’ll find yourself good for nothing. Emotions would either remain silent featuring sea or they just burst like the tsunami. It doesn’t hit you with a time limit. It could be momentous if a solution is there or reasons fail to exist in the given circumstances. It’s a short downtime. Things become scary and torturous if I fail to calm my mind down within the probation time of depression.

Let’s Kill Depression

I’ve felt, observed and it works, my mind and its depression are two different things, yeah, actually they are. Now I can keep it far away from my mind. Therefore even it comes; I just say to mind, listen! this is me and you’re my savior. The few thoughts those coming closer to me, they’re fake, can’t be applied to me. Simply take my words and do what’s good for me. Seclude them from you.

The root cause of depression and how to overcome it. Don’t beg from your mind, just give it a direction. It. Try, if you won’t instruct it, it will be instructed by those thoughts and then it will direct you.

The mind takes instructions only from those who’re internally strong. Share on X

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