Matured But Child

Father Playing with daughter, looks like justifying the category matured but child

Person to Person we differ- That what’s our nature makes us.

The different sorts of behavioral characteristics, reactive forces, and psychological thinking when combined gives, the shape to our human nature.

This equation is somewhat found to be unique and somewhat correlating with others. Thus when we say to any of our friend or relative that “we think alike”, it is totally based on those factors of the equation that correlates with others.

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Matured But Child-Bizarre Perspective

But if we ignore the minor deviations, broadly there are four types of personalities based on the maturity levels and these are “Immature Child, Immature Adult, Mature Child and Mature Adult”

As we all know and have experienced that the maturity either comes over the time or the situations, we live with. Thus it won’t be wrong to state that the Personalities, “Immature Child and Mature Adult” justifies the theory that maturity comes over the time.

What is Matured Child?

This can take two different standpoints to be understood.

The first one can be about a child to whom the maturity has been situation driven. It means that the situations in which one lives makes him/her mature before time plays its role.

The second perspective is the one which made to write on this topic. An adult, who is mature enough to be childish with the children, also loves to act like that.

These people are the most innocent and whatever they feel comes straight on their faces. They are just like open book. They easily make new friends and keep them happy too. One thing I felt about such people is that they have a very brilliant quality of assaying the people. Once they trust someone, they keep it for long until the other person breaks such belief.

What else?

It’s not like they lack knowledge but they don’t make showoff. Their presence is always remembered in their absence in any get-together. Very big hearted, always cheerful, interactive are some added attributes of them. They have the expertise in making the funniest faces ever which are mostly loved by kids. They can spend hours around kids.

Do you fall in matured but child category?

How others see them?

The other people who are not mature find them as their best friends. The mature people have the mentality that such people are always smiling and never gets serious on anything hence are stupid when compared to face the reality of the life.

But my way of thinking is quite different. Those who live with the tag of seriousness can never enjoy the life truly.

(I don’t want, you readers to get confuse between these people and those who fall in Immature Adult category)

They also have their own goals. They work on it passionately. But they know how and when to smile. Mere carrying the tag of seriousness won’t help you out except in the short run in the corporate world.

Is there anything to learn?

We all know that from the beginning of our life, we are taught to be serious. But nobody has told us to smile and to stop worrying about the difficulties of life. Life is much easy when we face it with a smile on our face and that’s the real stage of maturity.

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