Mere Closing Of Eyes Is Not A Sleep

We live in adventures, work with enthusiams, run in rush, think with concentration and they all raise up the need to take rest & sleep. The activity, doing which we spend the maximum of our life is nothing else than sleeping. We most often encounter with the complications regarding getting the proper sleep. Not being an one time process we perform it everyday and it decides our rest of the day. We all know the need of it but we hardly try to get the discipline into it.

Tired of office and after around 1 hour of fatiguing journey to home, the way we lie down on the bed used to be like we will never get up again. Though we are be like dying to sleep but an unsatisfied mind makes a counter attack and doesn’t let us sleep. To satisfy the mind, the gadgets, we take help of mostly are mobile phone and laptop in a want of few peaceful hours.

sleep cannot be confined with mere closing of eyes.

Use Gadgets Wisely !

The gadgets have now become a psychological addiction that we have built on the pillars of wrong concepts. The time that we need to devote to sleep peacefully, now we are giving it to our mobile phones and other gadgets. They do nothing but increases our mental tiredness. A physically tired person gets far better sleep than the one who is mentally tired. The gadgets offer us enjoyment for few moments and restlessness for hours and still we choose it.

Why Everyday Ends With Unsatisfied Mind?

Our mood is the root cause behind our way of handling the situations that comes to us for whole of the day. A day started with happy mood hardly leads to an unsatisfied mind at the day end and vice versa. We need to analyse and find out the things or activities that can cheer up our mood and accordingly we need to set it to happy mode. For some people getting up early in the morning gives them a boost up decide their day, the way they want whereas for some people, a fixed hours sleep is mandatory to feel fresh in the morning.

See how a good mood leads to peaceful sleep and a good mood again for the next day:-

What Mere Closing of Eye is not sleep?

Despite of just everything we still understand the value of proper sleep and hence we try also but as discussed we don’t get one due to some sort of mental tiredness and all we actually end up with doing  “mere closing of eyes”.

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