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Mind Your Path Of Happiness

Any distraction from the path that you chose for your happiness could be calamitous for your critical mind. And, that path is the only guide keeping you busy with the right activities. You might feel pressure or like breaking your head sometimes, but do you know one thing? the satisfaction that you’re doing the right thing will always support you. Your mind is pretty much vulnerable and totally dependent on the choices you make. And the fact says making choices is a consistent phenomenon. You can’t avoid it. Accepting your goals and making that your dream is also a part of it. Make sure you’re excited about the journey and not just about the results. If you think that’s fine, you can make the journey your dream and start living it every day.

Brain, Mind, Peace of Mind, Dreams, Sucess, Goals

If you choose a path that is not your dream, you’ll slowly lose your spark. And, by doing that you’ll never be able to fetch your true caliber. You might end with lots of money struggling against your peace of mind going zero. Maybe you start escaping the work or completing it with the minimum possible effort.

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Not A Struggle Anymore

I know, you must’ve been waiting for some sort of social recognition. At least that, people start knowing you and your work. Do you feel the struggle part is on and on? That’s not the struggle. That’s what the journey I talked about if you really understood the topic. If it’s truly your passion, it will keep you alive and happy even if it couldn’t help you earn a single penny. Keep doing that, non-stop till your last breath. Believe me, one reason is enough to live.

Talking about success, the people sitting on top of the roles must be those who made their passion their profession. Carrying a different profession from your passion could be your short-term helplessness. Don’t let that be your lifestyle. Believe me, you’ll get many opportunities that can help you to switch to your passion. Be swift enough to board on that. Not everyone comes with a silver spoon, we can make our own.

Your brain is not a third person you can prank with. Preserve your mind with peace and happiness. Technically, it’s compatible to do anything. But no need to apply that blindly. First, try filtering out the tasks that are high on the happiness index of your heart. Now, operate your brain only on such selected tasks.

I think there’s nobody who doesn’t want to follow their passion. It’s not easy though. Extremely hard if you come from a middle/lower class family. Further harder for girls those facing the misogynist society over and above all other shits.

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