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Morning Cup Of Tea – Sweet Golden Drops

man holding a cup of tea- Tea Blog - Morning Cup of Tea - Palmword

A cup of tea in the morning, just the perfect start of my day. It’s a blessing dipped in pleasure.  The tea-leaves dancing in simmering water when collaborates with milk, give rise to an awesome fragrance and colour. This revitalizing aroma revives me every morning. It takes me to the emptiness of mind, less of all the thoughts. It’s a match made in heaven.

Obsession is too small to describe what’s is tea for me. It’s like my daily dose of medicine. If I’m tired, stressed out or even if I’m getting bore, tea is my panacea. The warmth that takes a dive in my throat relaxes each part that it touches. I call it insulting if tea is called as just a cup of liquid. It’s the emotions served in a cup. ‘एक कप चाय’ – these words are tightly stuffed with feelings.

Cup of Tea - Tea Post - Classic Tea - India - Palmword
Classic Tea – Tea Post (Bikaner)

Tea epitomizes 24 carate pure golden drops ornated with the sweetness of love. It forms stories & memories. No matter what the temperature is, a tea invitation is never refused. Nothing else can best accompany you the way a cup of tea does. A deserted space becomes a place to talk, with just one tea stall.

Tea Stalls In India - Love for Tea. Palmword, Morning cup of tea, Sweet Golden Drops
An Ordinary Tea-stall

Tea-stalls in India

Tea stalls in India are like oxygen, almost everywhere. Mostly known for simplicity, some of those are sophisticatedly well designed defining the luxury. Extraordinary sitting arrangements and bizarrely personalized, they just capture the eyes. A tea-stall is the first thing we all search for at every new spot. I can’t even imagine being at a place where I can’t get tea.

Luxurious Tea spot in India , morning cup of tea - sweet golden drops
Luxurious Tea Spot

Tea Connecting People

Breaking the self-centeredness, a cup of tea connects people. This magical taste sees no religion. I call it India’s morning motivation, literally the eye-opener. A tea-lover easily connects with the other tea-lovers. Factually, I’ve my own groups of tea-lovers. They are uniquely mind-blowing. All age-group people are in my squad, I believe tea makes us equal.

Taste varieties of tea

It dearly accepts all the experiments that we people do while making an ordinary milk-tea or black-tea. But, accepting the varieties is all about the tea culture in India. The green tea is still on safer hands, a little far from weird experiments. People who love green tea must try for once my suggested tea brands:-

  • Te-a-me           – for kashmiri kahwa
  • Twinnings         – for Plain green tea
  • Organic India    – for Tulsi green tea
  • Girnaar              – for detox green tea
  • Tea Culture       – Rose flavour green tea

Not just when we drink it, tea is admirable even when people grow it. The tea-gardens visuals are like heaven drawn on the earth. That soothing greenery all around presses a pause on my thoughts to let me admire its beauty.

Munnar Tea Gardens- Tea Gardens in India - Palmword, morning cup of tea - sweet golden drops

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