My Love is beautifull. Poetry and Poems

She Looks Like A Barbie Doll

My Love is beautifull. Poetry and Poems

A poem for my love who is the most beautiful girl for me on earth. Share with your partner if you also feel the same for her. It would definitely make her feel very special. Thank me later!

I’ve been losing my control,

I’m in love with such a soul.

She is compassionately pure,

And, she looks like a barbie doll.


I always love her voice and no matter what she speaks,

I wanna tilt her chin up, wanna cup her puffy cheeks.

Oh, she has got a killer smile, I wish I can get some clicks.

I like to keep things plain, just don’t wanna make a mix.


She never came too close so I could get to feel her touch,

She has always been alone and I wanna her ask me to merge.

I’m willing to write more, have plans to live with her for ages,

I am ready to lose all me if I can get her task to search.

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