Which type of relationship is better , short or long, True Love.

Short-term Relationship – Yes Or No?

Which type of relationship is better , short or long, What's True Love, short-term Relationship

Sounds pity awful if someone says, he wants a short-term relationship. A phase with all beautiful concepts, but, mostly elusive. The sweet-most passionate sort of love. Love that can smoothly overlay anyone’s mind. One that doesn’t need any direction and is impeccable. Here, all the senseless talks seem most sensitive. Nothing in this phase feels unnecessary. Every action/reaction gets covered under one word, care!

Beginning is all about admiring the physical traits where feelings denotes the physical craving. Ample of phone calls, sending photographs, hours on chatting, it all seem too less. A pure hangover, dipped in the sauce of fancy dreams frames the short-term relationships. Falseness shouts aloud in the hollowness of love.

A pure hangover, dipped in the sauce of fancy dreams, yes! a short-term relationship. Share on X

And, despite of all lucrative ingredients, this recipe is nothing more than a naked-up lust. People still want this only. This is not someone can easily ask for. So, artificially it’s renamed as true love. No matter how cautiously you layer it, it can’t protect you for long. Layers wipe out, as the people get to know each other. So, don’t fake this up! Keep it real and discussed on real terms. It really hits hard when the intentions get revealed. The true love is way far from this gold-platted shit.

True love doesn’t excite you every day. It’s calm, and not haphazard. It’s so boring observing the people who in true love. You’ll just see them smiling ordinarily. Look at the level of understanding they keep, you’ll cherish that! A stable flow of love, calm as pacific. They don’t pretend or share anything with anyone else, basically, they won’t give you rumours.

Let’s talk about the scope

Since it’s all about craving, it ends where the craving ends. Sensually seductive, but, eventually addictive, this really demands a pause. No one cares for anyone! Feed emotions in need, else, running away in speed; that’s how people deal other people for their physical demands, like weed.

What if it’s discussed affront?

People don’t public their intentions. No one says, I’m here for hook up. Even if one person approaches for it, no one dares to accept that. Afterall, it would cast a question on his/her dignity. An open discussion could be much better here. But people are vague about it. And, for this reason, a trap of love is layered to carry out the vicious intentions. And, that’s void-ab-initio. No way justifiable!

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