Should I Call My Friend ?

how to keep my friendship alive

“In between millions of rush we interact, few tens of idiots are really hard to wipe out from the mirror of the eyes”

To fill up the space lying empty in the life with cheerfulness, anxiety, jealousy, happiness, lag pulling, thrill etc, blessings come in the shape of friends. Our nature attracts the people of our kind; get them included in our friends list with at least one of the tags that we maintain to choose friends in our various kinds of moods like studies, parties, addabaaji (hangouts), business discussions etc. An all rounder will always be there to whom we can chase up in case others are helpless.

The members in the list are inconstant but the magnitude under the umbrella more or less remains the same. Our friends are like stepney if we have chosen to drive on long road who gives an assurance of support in hard times.

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Some of our friends are like we don’t meet them on short intervals but resemble a good value in our life. Unless you’re friends of childhood or friends with good understanding it requires timely disturbance to remind them that we still exist so as to be in their Circle of Concern which used to be very small.  Else ways gradually the colour of friendship goes fade. The Interruption replaces the Interaction and the Intrusion replaces the Care and that finally ends with one phone call to be silent or a heart breaking text. And then we are left with only one question like “Why every time with me?”

Interruption replaces the Interaction and Intrusion replaces the Care when friendship fails so keep it alive Click To Tweet

Should I Call My Friend – Dilemma

Clicking on right time to disturb is all we need to sense. Every time we need to analyze the level of understanding in between our friends and respectively we need to treat them. We can’t understand, the kind of behavior they expect from us but all we need to be is ‘Genuine and Loyal’ with each of them. Sometimes our friends fail to find time for or to recall us, taking this on our ego; despite of confirming the genuine reason behind that if any, we also do the same. This is actually the biggest hindrance in taking the friendship on a long run. Keep your ego on side and just call them once, listen properly, think about their goodness and then finally feel the real difference through the words of your friends.

Tag line for your very special friends whom never want to detach from your life-     

“I will disturb you and f*** if you mind it”


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