Society Issues, Women Empowerment

Society – Please Shut Up !

Society Issues, Women EmpowermentIf you’re done with fighting for your career, family problems or routine job, wait! Here’s one more wall you need to break down, The society! A horde of idiots who think themselves nothing less than a supreme court judge. Living in a society is as good as standing in a courtroom. Like you’re walking on a ramp where each step counts. One wrong move and you’re characterless now. Isn’t it very cool? They’re faster than the fast-track courts. Instant judgement and the suspect proven guilty on the spot! Sounds impressive.

Here, you don’t get a chance to be heard. Society doesn’t use ear while using mouth to allege someone. Your voice will be curbed, no matter how hard you’ll be daring to scream. Being very particularly sure about their opinions, they don’t even bother about your valid arguments. They just split hairs about your actions.

What actually matters then? The population! i.e. the number of people of your identical mindsets. If you’re an odd one out, you’ll destroyed first. It doesn’t matter whether you’re odd in some good things. Being odd is judged as a crime. More often such people called as rebellious.

Society Double Standards

Society often plays its double standards. Supporting a woman, fighting for her rights, protecting her, and, at the same time, judging and blaming her on her outfits, want of freedom and career-oriented attitude. Bigger mess are those who’ve nothing to do and have got no chill in life. They better deserve the tag of watch dogs or gossip insects. In spending the whole day in a meaningless information broadcasting, they feel proud and satisfied.

Don’t know why, but the society always runs against the clock. Though, not in a positive way, definitely not! They have no patience! They have no mercy. What all they have is a preposterous mentality. Factually, they can’t get over it. Thankfully, a few rights are still not in their hands, otherwise, they would’ve started hanging people.

Don’t Explain to Society

Don’t come out to stand and explain anything, you’ll be judged again. Maybe this time with a few more allegations. This is what their real job is. Be hard as nails if you want to be an odd one out. Wait for your turn to hit back; till then, keep patience. Embark your progress, show them your success.

The bitter truth, if, I think the society is a shit, I’m too a society for others. Share on X

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