Find Your's Delete Button

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Having a strong memory is really applaudable but having a delete button to that is even better. Few bad clips, despite of our desire we always put them in our priority just because their impact is strong. No matter how good or bad situations we are in, we always have some bad incidents that had happen to our life and now act as hindrances in enjoying the fun moments, make us conceive the evil in goodness. Here comes the moment we cherish to have that delete button to our memory. Praying for a strong memory, its time to  pray for a memory loss. Recalling something easily makes you happy, harder is the time when you fail to forget something, you tried! In a try to forget anything, we first of all have to recall the thing we are trying to forget and while doing that we recall it again and again helping it to make an enduring room in our mind. So better, we don’t try to forget anything.