Friendship should last long. Temporary Friendship hurts.

Temporary Friendship Sucks

Friendship should last long. Temporary Friendship hurts.Long Run Expectations derived through Temporary Friendship, kicks down you to hurt one day. I could imagine the happiness, you drove into my life, didn’t let me realize the need of anyone else. With Hours of daily interaction for thousands of questions, though most of being the same, whole day then, was no more a burden. You were just one of many at first, gradually the tuning got fine, noise then became the music. I started enjoying your company, conversation length increased. Natures of both identified and understood. You asked me to meet, I agreed and it became a routine. Life looked so manageable and easy. With the passing of time, we also shared our difficulties and fears; most of which we solved in a search of new ones for daily discussion.

I finally got the person to get angry upon to get that care that I was missing. The way you handled me, understood my likes dislikes, listened my nonsense thoughts with full paid attention. Habituated of you, I shared all my secrets that showed that I believed you blindfold. I liked your company and you liked mine too. Your down to earth nature, secret messages in every word, your alacrity to show me the right path, everything was exactly What I could’ve cherished from god, one perfect guide. You exchanged my gloomy nights with sparkling stars. Learned to be happy when it was not an option for me. Though crowded with friends, you always made me feel that I have my own space in your life. But as I was afraid of, if everything’s going right, there’s something wrong…

Time changed to spread distances, phone calls replaced the meetings and then excuses replaced that too. The stock of talk seemed to be empty. I wasn’t aware of any of new issues, roaming inside you. After being literally discarded by you, I couldn’t react, your last message explaining me to be happy alone was more agonizing than my life before you drove into it. Now you often say, “not feeling like talking to anyone” and you counted me too in that.

Friendship should last long, temporary friendship hurts.Tell me, what happen, what changed you inside you, an inspiring girl lost in depression, I want to bring you back, don’t you think there’s something you lack. Your flowering smile, where your teeth had full freedom to see the world, now they’re caged inside your sorrow. Set them free, let them be seen cause a painful story never ends, waiting for a happy ending. I’ll be there, always for you. Could you promise me, you’ll never let the distance make us far? No!

Temporary Friendship – Traumas

Do you know, I didn’t cry, but nothing left, couldn’t find your shoulder to hold my neck, I replicated you, lost somewhere, I couldn’t search myself. Were you happy, leaving me like this; why you didn’t choose me to share your pain? Was it because, for you, it was temporary? Was I, one of those, people we search in our hard times, cause for me, you were not temporary, definitely not! I got damn Screwed up, waiting for your revitalized version, failed here too and finally you left me with tons of memories and one new lesson of life, temporary friendship sucks!

Straight from my Soul…Friendship should last long, Temporary friendship hurts.

You left me; didn’t hurt me, as usual

Inside that shattered me, you were casual.

Little more care I do, my problem, I know,

No matter you don’t, do you know?

Purposeless Interaction, I felt, the very first day,

Must be there some need then, I feel that today.

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