I like taking guilts

The Guilt Lover

I like taking guilts

Though it hurts, it attracts you the most, would be your words for your friend whom you feel is a guilt lover. They exist among us; always loaded with the issues with guilt hovering on their faces, questioning others all the time about his/her nature, fault in his/her situation tackling aptitude, confrontation power and uncontrolled behavior etc. Even you can’t satisfy them with yours answers as they will find the alternatives of the problem intertwined with the main issue.

Dear Friend…

You always excuse being in guilt, you have to correct it and no herbs will work on it. People do mistakes but you’ve intentionally chosen it. You never lied, always cared for everyone, didn’t intend to harm, embracing all the nutrients of a pure heart in your nature. By bewildering yourself in guilt, you’ve forgotten the beauty of living guiltless. I know what you want, a happy mood with giggling faces and I know, what’s your mind allows  to you, finding spots in beauty of the moment; it puts your energy down, makes you feel small, immature and intolerable kind of personality.

Keeping keys of your mind in the hands of everyone else, they drive it, throw you down in the guilt, get their things done, ask you to take the blame and misuse you in a likely manner. I know, you don’t like attachments, always try to escape; want to get lost somewhere so the people you think, control you, couldn’t find you.

You always strived for it that no one should feel sad, cause of you. I’ve seen you putting efforts beyond the caliber of your bag of bones to make your nearbies happy, efforts to win their heart, trust and faith in you.  Arrows of emotional blames have crushed you inside, tortured your soul deadly, and put your mind restless.

I like taking guilt.Trust me you can’t make anyone happy or sad, it’s their choice, they make to, either feel happy or sad, you’re just a medium, not the reason behind their mood. If they have decided to feel sad and down, they just pass on their worries and issues to you with an emotional touch. If they’ve decided to switch their mode on to happy, you can’t even make it off to sad. They won’t bother how you feel; apart from using you, they also don’t have other ways out.

I won’t ask you to be guiltless in entirety as guilt keeps us on the right track, parallel to our culture, helps us to hold our values. Life is worthless if there is nothing that can put you in guilt but this analysis should be at rationale of a layman. It’s right to change your vision, opinions and priorities. Try to be careless for those who really don’t care for you. Being a guilt lover, you always think, “I must’ve done something wrong”, half of the time, when you were actually not. Be a little more practical, be a criticizer, scream out loud to tell everyone, you are not a guilt lover anymore.

Dear Guilt Lover, maybe it’s your fault and time to accept, analyze it first, did you really cause that Share on X

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