Hookah - X on the Beach

The Last Time You Smoked Hookah

Hookah - X on the Beach

A poem is for all hookah lovers. It’s great that you’re here. Read till the end…

To fasten my slow life, I added you to my cart.

that wasn’t my fault if I couldn’t get a start.

Ordered and shipped, you reached to my house,

neat variety of the flavors, I placed one on my couch.

About Hookah Flavors

Air absorbed the smell, it was “X-on the beach”

I  put that in your body that was freaking ultra sleek.

on a wrapped silver foil, put some red burning coal,

held you very softly, I didn’t want you to spoil.


One side was attached with the icy-cool pipe,

took a magical snap that you can’t left-swipe.

Sipped a bit, that was fuckin smooth indeed,

Water voiced, up n down, and I felt it deep.

Smoke & Smog

Smoking in the smog, in a group of 4,

took me a little high, eyes getting close oh, no!

Could you just get me something to drink?

change the coal, I’m gonna have fun some more.


Tonight, there wouldn’t be any other plan,

we are gonna make the best of this span.

Pass me the pipe, go with the fair play,

In my turn, it should be in my hand.

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Note:- The poem is not with the intention to promote smoking. 

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