When I Don’t Want To Listen Myself

Sick of my own thoughts, that I’d started applying on myself, judging me with the words of the world and after imprecating Karma for falling in every ill phase of life that I’d been through, now I feel, It’s better to shut it up. I shouldn’t listen to the words of my thoughts. Each and every glimpse has emotions; decisions, promises, secret admiration, hidden revenge, painful explanations etc. and they all somehow act as a silent drug. It’s a path that has only 2 destinations, a happy and exciting motivation on one side and a painful depression on the other and that leads to hating one’s own mind.

when I don't want to listen myself

Can’t Listen to me

Listening to yourself is not just a matter of saying, requires a lot of practice, a great art to be mastered on. Thoughts that anonymously hit our mind, try creating our mindset and that decides everything of us. It’s just like we are aware of the consequences of the thoughts and to stay happy, we decide that we can’t permit such thoughts to run over our mind. You can’t say your mind to forget something rather you can shift it from one problem to the other with a lower impact on you.

Emotions hindrance in Listening to myself

Regretting on your incomplete love and facing her everyday downs you with a heavier heart to handle. Your mind will then produce more negative ideas and address that to your heart to worsen the situation. A situation when the tears are waiting to peep out from the tear ducts of your eyes.

when i can't control my mind, I don't listen my voice.

Listen or not – What mind says

It’s a very unique property of mind that probably everyone is aware of; you can’t resist any thought. So now I’ve come up with an idea that’s not absolutely correct but could be helpful especially when the situation is literally out of control and we’ve inkling that any thought that could come in our mind would be hurting us. Don’t listen to your thoughts whenever you’re depressed or in a mood off kind of situations. Your thoughts won’t support you this time; instead, they will magnify the issue.

Short-Term Solution

Listening, the High Volume Music using headphones for a few minutes is really helpful. It gradually strengthens your position in a fight between you and your thoughts. Your mind will now be able to listen to your heart. With high volume music, the part of the brain that produces negativities calms down with numbness. The waves of positivity start removing the stress collected by you through over-thinking process.

i Prefer listening music when I don't want to listen myself.

Don’t be Addicted

Just like anything else, excess use of this is also impermissible. Addiction to anything is good but only for a short run. It makes you lose the confidence in yourself and thereafter for every small problem; you start relying on that despite your will to come out of it.

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