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Thoughts that ruin my mind when I think of it. Depression, I believe, it’s tough to get rid of it. True idol of stubbornness.

Why I’m so depressed?

my emotions got undressed.

And, the things with I’m obsessed,

Stopping me from taking rest.


Now, who’s responsible for this ache?

take the honor for your act.

Please forgive me for god’s sake,

Though, I’ll never show my back.


You can’t be crazy more,

Cause I’m freezing at the shore.

Bring me back from where I lost,

I was happier before.


Now, there is nothing that I can share,

it’s the peak of horrifying dare.

I’ve exposed myself in public,

why you all still looking for a flare?

Share with someone you think gonna relate with this poem. Also, comment if you feel depressed. Let’s begin with writing pain into words.


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