Face of Palmword- Bhawesh Jhabak

Palmword Author, Writer of Palmword, Bhavesh Jhabak blogger

I always had a dream to do something that can make me feel ‘Wow’ and I got Palmword. The time I started giving shape to my thoughts, trust me this is the best ever exciting job for me. When put all your efforts just for the sole motive of spreading smile by removing stress and that by putting some lights on untouched stories/events/issues that all are an inseparable part of our life, it gives me lasting happiness. For me, my blog is successful if I’m able to make even a single person smile freely.

It will always be a pleasing task for me to interact with you, listen to you and your words. I like to write exactly what my heart imprints on my head. Palmword is exactly the reflection of that.