How to be stress free? Why life is stressful. Key to happiness.

Rising On Stress Ladders

How to be stress free? Why life is stressful. Key to happiness.

I don’t remember the last time I felt empty of tasks. So far, it hasn’t happened. I’m just rising on stress ladders. Not even for once I’ve found myself free from any sort of dreams, desires, or unattended goals. It feels the life is structured that way. An illusory where I’m walking still not reaching anywhere. It’s a relay of tasks where the next one is always waiting for the completion of the tasks that I have now. Also, I can call it a wrapped-up gift box that has more such nested gifts inside. They keep getting open one after the other once I start it.

Once you step up, everything around you steps up be it your financial needs, scaled-up lifestyle, or social responsibilities.  If I don’t dig deep into it, life keeps me busy with 4-5 stress points. If I win over any stress point or finish that up, many others are in the pipeline to join that list. It truly never ends. Having those 4-5 stress points is a constant phenomenon.

After giving years to my study, I thought I would now be a little freer to go anywhere, enjoy anything, and take decisions. Hell, no man! I started worrying about savings, wealth management, insurance, a better salary, pissed-off job life, marriage expenses, property, homesickness, lack of love etcetera and etcetera. How they suddenly popped into my life, I really have no idea.

A few more stress ladders get added right after I ascend those I have now. Every new ladder bigger than the older one, I’m still climbing hoping it would reach somewhere one day where I will stop and relax. Whether these ladders take me to heaven or hell, don’t know, but it would end with the end of my life only. To be honest we all know that life is not getting easier, and it never would be!

In layman’s terms, stress may come, stress may go, but the stressful life shall go on. A stress-free life is just an illusion.

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