I am Depressed, you can't motivate. Stay Away

You can’t motivate me !

I am Depressed, you can't motivate. Stay Away“You can’t motivate me if I’ve lost my willpower.”

Motivational words are good enough to pump your blood faster which is already flowing flawlessly. In your good times, you listen well, act well on what you hear, and everything looks so easy and perfectly possible. Your seamless assumptions, when they turn into reality, you start boosting others’ lifestyles to change. But, as everyone has different parameters for judging themselves, that imposed idea doesn’t work for them. I believe, neither you failed to motivate someone, nor that other person failed to take up your idea. It’s just a matter of individuals existing with their unique bunch of thoughts.

“If I’m ok with this depression, your efforts are worthless.”

Let him walk through his sufferings. It may turn out to be his life lessons. Unnecessarily doing good for someone is often called imposition. Figure out if someone genuinely needs your support or if you’re just being too cheesy. Maybe you’re becoming a hurdle to his flow. Let him bloom, shine over the horizon.

“That’s why I told you, You can’t motivate me”

Remember the last time when you were depressed, no one dragged you out of that. Your inner willpower empowered your healing process, the same way it’ll work for him. Maybe you watched some good videos, read some articles, or heard some sermons whom you’re now giving credit for curing your depression. But, trust me, the only thing that worked for you was your willpower.

Listening to any of the motivational theories just to get out of some stressful dependence or tough lifestyle is useless. It’s not a magic stick! You can call it a toolkit that can make your good times better. Nothing more than that! I don’t understand what’s the fun of telling success stories that mislead youngsters.

A depression phase is not immediately next to a phase of happiness. One must pass through a couple of such phases/incidents before he eventually finds himself in depression. He remains aware but doesn’t care. By that time, the ball remains in his court only. Bit by bit, depression becomes more powerful, and he loses the chance to cure himself. It can’t be denied that it could’ve been stopped earlier. But that requires a little touch of self-care, self-love, and strong willpower.

Love yourself and be open about whatever your heart can’t digest. Your thoughts could be insanely childish or pointless but don’t be ashamed to confer that to someone close. Stay light and get ready to fight one more time. It’s a brain’s fight with thoughts. Keep your focus on staying happy with steady growth rather than fast growth with an imbalanced life.

Motivation is hope, which is thrown up by folks,

Their overrated plans give me damn chock.

hypocrites they are, well that’s not a joke!

can’t handle themselves and give us a shock.

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