a good sense of humour is the key to escape from any humiliating situation.

Life Without A Good Sense Of Humour

a good sense of humour is the key to escape from any humiliating situation.A good sense of humour is bliss. How important it is, ever thought about it? Only the people with a poor sense of humour can intensely feel it. The majority says, either you get humiliated or you humiliate others. If you are the first one, you must have been struggling to survive happily. See, how it may happen…

Cause I’m here standstill,

and they come and kill.

don’t know how to understand,

I’m being a part of their chill.

Victim of poor sense of humour

It’s tough for me to handle, people utter the shit and walk away. People who can’t read the emotions. Their laughter makes me the victim. It compels me mentally to leave them right then. Humiliated every time I curse myself. Why I’m such an ass? I find my words falling short. Badly, I feel like choked inside. Rarely, I wear words.

Have no safety jacket to put on,

and facing arrows, so come on.

Feel some shame I’m not a horn,

attacking an unarmed, hey! you moron.

I think that I’m afraid. Don’t know how but I want to avoid them. And not just that, I’m the one awarded as the focal point of their criticism. What is the fun they are getting? I know sometimes I shout in against. I know sometimes I cry though. This all when the things go wrong beyond tolerance. Their laughter and my anger are positively co-related. Each such incident takes away me from me. At times I repent my words and sometimes my silence. Repenting for me is a constant phenomenon.

Please stop!

Now stop making me persuade,

For your torture, I’m trained. 

Tears are dripping like a cascade,

still, you’re not getting hesitate.

Now, I’m not trying to solve my doubts cause there’s nothing that can come out. The heart is frozen, and it needs a warm slogan. I think I can’t run away as there’s no escape. Guys let me cry once, you know I’ll be back. Please let my heart get calm again.

I deserve enough this hate,

As I know your love is fake.

You’ve thrown me in the cage,

Like a stale piece of bread.

Poor sense of humour and emotional behaviour go hand in hand. Such people are more often emotional, including me too. It’s like I’m extra poured with the emotions that can drip off my eyes any time without indication.  Nowadays, only the mirror is my alter-ego. It’s real and genuine and it never laughs when I cry.

Calling you as a friend, I could never proud,

My emotions are dead, lying in the shroud.

Trusting you was my ever-big mistake,

For you, I was not even in your crowd.

So-called friends are so-called enemies for me. Hey, you! Why you just can’t be as simple as me? You’re advance and I’m obsolete. I’m like optional but you’re like a mandate. You’re in the limelight where I can simply be ignored. You could’ve upgraded instead what you’ve done so far. Certainly, I feel that expecting something like that from you would be a myth.

a good sense of humour is the key to escape from any humiliating situation.

The crux of the matter

A good sense of humour is the key to escape any humiliating situation. For now, I think either I could be a bit choosy about making friends or simply I can help myself to be happy alone. Still, I’m not here with the solution. How can I blame you where I’m in fault? But the truth is, I would prefer staying at home rather than with you all.

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