Happy Valentine Day

Will You Be My Valentine?

Happy Valentine Day“Will you be my valentine? Yes or No!!!” Excitement spinning around, it’s a valentine’s week. Hey Teddy, it’s the time to feel some arrogance. Dear roses and chocolates, you can be a little overpriced. Lovers will date, haters will hate and if someone remains single, he will regret.

The first time it’s so. A festive feel is on me now. Never celebrated it before, had actually hated it until I met her. So, here is something for my love, my valentine!!!

Hey! the beauty of my life and the fragrance of my body,

Let me wear you on my eyes cause my vision getting cloudy.


Sitting on my knees with a rose in my hand,

I’ll come to propose with a ring n music band.


I know the chocolates will enjoy the taste of your lips,

I promise I’ll be loyal, holding both of your wrists.


One tight hug by grabbing you in my arms,

I’ll be kissing on your lips to take your breathing-warmth.


I’m already down to you, now seeking your incline,

cheers! if yes, will you be my valentine?


You made me your One+ but you’re my Type C “USB”,

Could you please come around? my power is empty.


Dear, I love this life, you’re my ‘Mio-Amore’

I’m in mid of the sea, n you’re my seashore.


I won’t bind your heights, don’t wanna put a block,

I just need your hand at all times of the clock.

Valentine Request

Trillions of opportunities would be with billions of surprises, so get open-up to fall either in love or in crisis. A coin would be tossed, yes or no would be there. No matter what you get, it all would be fair. Here true proposals may be rejected and fake trials could succeed. It’s a matter of luck, not what you need.

I know, some of you still couldn’t get over from your past rejections. Not that easy even. Every relationship is unique and here advice doesn’t work. Good luck!!! Happy Valentine’s Day. ♥

Poem on Valentine. For Your Love

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