Wasting Time, Depression

Wasting Time – Depressing Life

Wasting Time, DepressionWasting time since morning nine,

This weekend I thought, let’s dive into rhyme.

If not rhyme, some paragraphs, but bring something out please aa,

The day would be long enough, and I would write some piece yeah!


Everyone was shouting, dude! Just come out of your phone,

For how long you would do this switching off and on?

Reels and YouTube shorts and sometimes Insta memes,

could you please finalize which way you’re heading on?


My career is getting ups & down, and Life is almost fu**ed up

I became so chargeless and I badly craved some top-up.

Oh god! the skill I had, now it needs a follow-up,

Let me just hold it tightly, so I could never give it up.

*This is your time*

Regretted on what happened, I lost it for no shit,

All of a sudden I got a hit, bro! this shit could be lit.

Took out my pen and wrote, I calmly used my wrist,

Feeling better now as I cleared all the mist.

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