Things that once we get become valueless. Actually they are overrated.

Everything Seems Overrated

Things that once we get become valueless. Actually they are overrated.What we see and what we listen about, create desires. Some of those are not worthy enough to be desired. Like a big balloon i.e. huge in size and hollow inside, they’re overrated. Like many of us, even I don’t focus the underrated things. So, whatever I focus on, I feel that as overrated.

I think we all have rating issues. The Overrated things have been surrounding us. Once we get it, it’s value sharply falls. That creates the problem. it hints of us being vulnerable. For anything we like or dislike, it can blink turn opposite. It can put us in the list of untrustworthy fellows. And accordingly, we get weird reactions from the people we interact with and the things we connect with.

The Overrated Love

The lusty desires for experiencing love make it overrated. Especially, the first-time experience is abnormally exaggerated. The clouds of fake excitement design the whole conspiracy. The rumours space in our minds like a possible reality. This magnifies every small desire into a huge achievable thing. The mind is caged to remain silent. The other things act freely in an undisciplined way.

Resultantly, once we get it, we don’t feel much satisfied. Cause we had exaggerated it as good incorrectly. So, looking back again to the same derives no utility. The interests here fluctuate swiftly. The mouth watered expressions abruptly turn to dry. Saddened, the emotions get killed and flushed. The heart becomes a graveyard for those dead emotions.

Fakeness comes out. Here the mind starts working. The prejudiced decisions start seeming to be wrong. Here our priorities come back into picture those were lying dead in our mind for long. That’s why the promises made in the seduced happy mood easily breakdown.

Things that we might have observed

Obviously, we create memories with every new experience. A vast volume of thumbnails backs such experiences. Now once we’re done with it, how we feel? We’ll find that everything was overrated once you restart rethinking. This is what runs in our mind but what about the others?

Things that once we get become valueless. Actually they are overrated.Stop Overrating

No matter if we’re ok with it, others will never be! They’ll go silent in depression. Let’s don’t make fake promises in excitement. Playing with someone’s heart can’t be justified with any excuse. Let’s be compassionate for others. Let’s start analyzing through our mind and keep it calm enough to decide rationally. Don’t let your excitement overshadow your analytical capability. Just say as much as you can do and promise as much as you can fulfil.

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