Relationships facing the lockdown - lovers who survive.

Distance Relationships And Lockdown

Relationships facing the lockdown - lovers who survive.Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers Days, weeks, and now months lapsed, god knows, when I’ll meet you. You’ve never been so far for so long.  The day, I’ll see you, will grab you in my arms and never leave you.

I know, sometimes I cry,

And, my face that I hide,

video-calls are lifelines,

set my emotions on high tide.


You’re the apple of my eye.

You’re the sweetness of my life.

Where this lockdown making me die,

Please come, touch, make me alive.


Chatting n calls, pics, and your videos,

slideshows are showing, only your screenshots.

these days I’m getting, lots of hiccups,

you missed me n I missed you, hearts are buzzing crackers.


“I know this lockdown is stretching a little bit,

Patience my dear, we’re gonna be out of this shit”

Share with your love. Hope you’ll meet soon. Stay home, stay safe!

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