Just leave me alone. Don't question me. don't ask me anything.

Don’t Ask Me Why?

Just leave me alone. Don't question me. don't ask me anything.I felt down a bit, got drunk too high,

Can’t tell you, better don’t ask me why.

Last month was hard on my appetite,

I realized! F**k it, I’m traumatized!


Mesmerized, I was in your eyes,

So painful tries, I lost to lies.

Intensified, you shed my cries

I never thought I would get so criticized.


Blown my mind, your U-turns,

Full of salt now wound burns.

Would you answer my questions?

Why so bad were your intentions?


First, you wet my eyes then you made them dry,

With a broken heart, it was hard to cry.

I’ve stopped giving clues and no hints for you,

I’m all quiet, better don’t ask me why.


Let me call me back, you’ve been so fake,

Don’t think I’ll take your shit; better you face my slap.

You can try if you want, but the base won’t shake,

For you to learn this lesson, I’ve to take this step.

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