Find Your's Achievements

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Yes, I have achieved a lot but now I don’t think of them as achievements. My first chocolate, I received when I stood first in 2nd standard, the thunderous clapping when for the first time, I faced the stage to sing a song, my first bike that my father gifted me when I secured 1st division in 12th standard, the day I finally learnt to ride a bicycle, the day when for the first time I travelled alone outside the hometown.

No matter how precious was the moment, layering nature of

time blurs its shine. In between our ever-increasing aspirations,

that moment gets lost somewhere. The layers of the changing

needs, the layers of changing maturity level somewhat changes

our aspirations, increases the magnitude of our thoughts.

We start living up the new level, everything we enjoyed in the past

seems so small, makes us think how silly our ideas were in the past.