Don't Forget the small excitements of the past that made you so big as you are now.

Forgotten Mini Exciting Achievements

Yes, I have achieved a lot but now I don’t think of them as achievements. My first chocolate, I received when I stood first in 2nd standard, the thunderous clapping when for the first time, I faced the stage to sing a song, my first bike that my father gifted me when I secured 1st division in 12th standard, the day I finally learnt to ride a bicycle, the day when for the first time I travelled alone outside the hometown, Well these are just a bunch of examples and that’s just to take you to the crux of the topic.

You guys will surely relate this to your life, the incidents, you have passed through, the achievements, you have got so far and the feeling that we all get when they all turn into past.childhood achievements deleted or forgotten, memory erased

Every small happiness, have a great impact,

Only for the moments, we are living that.

Time is getting passed to make us grow,

hiding the diamonds, behind the layers of snow.

 Mini achievements but Exciting – Why?

Scenarios take updates the very next day, leading to drastic changes in things we value the most, the things that were the need of that hour. This need leads to excitement, exactly what we felt for our achievements in the past. Ambitions though compact, still were very exciting as we had not desired anymore that time.

The reason why we forget?

No matter how precious was the moment, layering nature of

time blurs its shine. In between our ever-increasing aspirations,

that moment gets lost somewhere. The layers of the changing

needs, the layers of changing maturity level somewhat changes

our aspirations, increases the magnitude of our thoughts.

We start living up the new level, everything we enjoyed in the past

seems so small, makes us think how silly our ideas were in the past.

No reason lasts to remember as we start believing our fearless, crazy and exciting views to live up the moments to be a Silly, overexcited and senseless way of reaction.

Should that excitement last for longer?

Excitement lasts only when we don’t allow our inner self to get changed from our surrounding environmental changes. Laughing at small achievements, feeling accelerated while waiting for something good to happen, getting nervous and enthusiastic simultaneously on big events etcetera is that what we should never let go from our nature as we start growing up. And with this, we will be able to manage a child in our grown-up body that gets excited at every small thing.


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