I Want Empty Death

Life is fully Justified, do you want an empty death ? Birth is taken with empty hands, life is lived with collecting dreams and death is not under control.

And, still we don’t respect you!

‘Time’ I’m really sorry.

With the millions of dreams that struck to our mind every day, we have “Limited you”. Living empty life rather than empty death is what we desire and with this we end at dying with a long list of dreams. The duty of our body is to rejoice our soul and our heart shows the path to make that happen. The all we need to do is joyful listening of our heart. Though all won’t be possible, we should try to live maximum of our dreams.

Still Confused with the Word “Empty Death”?

“Dying in a situation in life where we have no future desire, having all the past and present desires fulfilled ”

Empty death is a Destination and life has 2 paths, of which one heads towards and the other opposite to it. “Moksh” or “Nirvan” are the words having a superior and rich meaning then “Empty Death”. Achieving the Emptiness of desires could be an opener to the door of “Moksh” or “Nirvan”.

I want to Die with no dreams left unattended. Empty Death

Why Empty Death?

Initial phases of our life people usually don’t understand the value of Empty Death; they keep enjoying their relaxed life which encompasses doing “just nothing” and by the time we feel the need to realize our dreams, the time seems to have been passed beyond the right time limit. So realize it, now only!

Head Towards Empty Death – Small Steps, Big Impact!

  • Don’t let them be your just dreams.
  • Stop piling them up, reduce your Burden of Joy through Enjoy.
  • Make your deadline resolutions.
  • Ignore those who advice to stop you, thinking out of the box.
  • Try to be a long race runner.
  • Think before you step-in, once you enter, just finish it.
  • Stop Regretting or Stop Getting- It’s your choice.

“Actually it’s not applicable to me”- Do You Think So?

“We are not Dreamers”, if you feel so, then sorry but you are wrong to your thoughts. None of us is Unambitious. Dreaming small or big can be a matter of difference although. Sometimes we ourselves are the killers of our ambitions, because of failure in making up of mind to grab the opportunities and putting action into it.

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