thoughts those come when we fall sick by ignoring our health.

When The Health Is Ignored- Voice Of Mind

thoughts those come when we fall sick by ignoring our health.

Thoughts that burn your mind when the health is ignored literally. The peace of mind disappears. Physical impairment ruins the mental health. The regret makes you cry for the loss that you suffer through. Those few days recklessly spent take you to a flashback and pinpoint your mistakes.

I was running fast while I was,

leaving all behind,

It’s a life, not just a track,

forgot what else to decide.


The dizzy me went down,

the waves lost in high tide,

The misery has had to figure out,

how the rock turned into pieces tiled.

The regret of lost health

Wasted time, I couldn’t utilize,

to earn some discipline, did several tries

regretting on my habits, had yet to cry,

to avoid storming brain, I chose to go high.

I want to correct myself. improve my habits.I want to make this life a bit more peaceful.

With tied up hands and looking up,

I was on such a verge,

where the god undeserved me,

for making any urge.

Praying for the health

I want now to correct me,

I want you not to hate me,

I’m losing, god please help me,

Give breakthroughs to my breakdowns, need your hand in this journey.


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