Relationship Problems, Relationship Failure, Relationship Advice

You Controlled Me or I Let You Control Me ?

Relationship Problems, Relationship Failure, Relationship Advice, You Controlled Me or I let you control me

I can’t decide whether you controlled me or I let you control me! You’re not interested now. It’s been 5 years of you dragging this relationship with me. You’ve disheartened me many times. I was the reason as I didn’t quit and let it be continued. I’ve never desired anything more than you. But you lost the desire to desire me back.

A couple of years before I was important. Things changed over the time. It changed you too! Now, I’m like an object that’s not even allowed to move! Everything depends on your mood now. You had been making me feel insecure 24X7 for last 6 months. Bizarrely, you’ve started coming out with new demands. Now you want your own space, a free lifestyle, as if I had been keeping you in a cage so far.

You surprise me!

One day you come and cuddle me with immense love and suddenly the next day you talk about keeping the things simple. I don’t get this. How can you behave like altogether a different person? Is it a game or what? Perhaps you don’t know that it’s torturous and I get suffer with all this.

Your trials to get me are now the trials to get rid of me. To skip from answering my questions, you’ve got a masterstroke. Guess what? “Blaming me for things I’m questioning you.” Do you actually get to hear what’s buzzing around me? Nothing but your excuses and my regret after hearing those excuses!

You love has now been replaced by your rules that I’m supposed to follow. My importance is now your ignorance. Every time, you just go hide behind your angry face to avoid explaining my genuine questions. Dear! you should once look into my eyes. You’ll see the pain that I’m holding for long. The pain that never met with revenge. If I gift you my air, you’ll get suffocated. Hope you don’t face the same trauma in your life that I’m facing though!

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sadly, I’ve seen you finding a better replacement of me. You’re getting quotations from boys with the hype of sky touching promises. Meanwhile, you’re trying to space yourself from me. No wonder, you’ll succeed. And, your success will my biggest failure. I can’t afford losing you!

If you’ll come with more questions, I’ll answer more,
If you come crushing my emotions, I’ll repeal my soul.
I’m dying in the middle, hope, I swim back to shore,
You can’t hurt me all the time, you’re my mio-amore.

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