Anybody Listening? Palmword

Anybody Listening?

Anybody Listening? PalmwordI’m ready to shout out loud, are you there to listen? Trust me, I would be the simplest open book, please be interested to read? Walking along with you is my dream, can we take a few steps together? I’m tired of hoping, “Is there anybody listening to me” See, I Know I’m a coward. I’m insane. Maybe I won’t take a start, please come talk to me!

Is there anybody listening?

Ignoring someone isn’t my attitude, I’m just a little harsh for the strangers. Maybe you find a no-entry board. Please think once of crossing that road. I would surely be there on the other side. Could I expect little patience? Let me just convince myself.

I’m layered with the scars. Tell me if still, you’re interested? Tell me should I proceed or stop? You can retreat. I can’t impose myself on you. Otherwise, I would be like your boring syllabus, tough to read and understand. Make me easy if I cry. Don’t be busy if I try. If you truly feel something about me, let’s go ahead! Let me tell you how broad my smile is.

You’ve always seen me quiet, I’m not that. I’m not what I’ve shown to you. Now you’ve chosen to know more, see the other side of me. This would be for you and no one else. I know you’ll keep that to yourself. Secretly with the fear I’m opening this box.

You must have found me too strong, I’m the weak most inside. Truly I confess, I don’t like myself. I hate the way I’m and I wish I was like before. Last few years have taken me caged from me. I don’t count my qualities as they’re only a few. Little things affect me a lot. I know where I’m wrong and still don’t wanna change. You can call me stubborn. But I’m just an afflicted present of my dreadful past.

Listen to Me Please - PalmwordI would be too harsh at times. This tuning setup would need an understanding guy who should be quite patient too. Can I ask you this again that “Are you still interested?” I always doubt it. I know these all are my insane thoughts. I’m frustrated now as I’ve never been truly loved by anyone. And so, I neither expect nor I like initiating it.

Really Hate This!

I prefer to stay out of the things once have proven to be bitter to me. I don’t know why people choose to talk and with what purpose they start. Few days conversation, one or more rude replies and after judging me per their mindset, they either walk away or else they become stalkers.

I’ve seen You’ve reached way far from others. I just hope you’re not one of those! Please keep my belief.

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