Why respect should be in any relation. Respect- Best gift for your love

Respect – Best Gift For Your Love

Why respect should be in any relation. Respect- Best gift for your love“That wasn’t your fault. I’m liable for all that happened”, and I started crying. Except the dark hollowness and my weeping loudness, nothing was there. The room lacked all sort of activeness. I was regretting badly for the moments encountered a few minutes ago. We had no respect in this relation for each other. It took me back from where it all started. The first time when I saw you, I was lost in your attraction. The way you drove into my life was simply graceful gift of god. The love, happiness & excitements loaded inside you that once moved towards me now snatched back. Separation defined the lightness of our relation.

Everything Except Respect

Immense love and care, almost everything was there in the recipe except the most vital ingredient, respect. I fall in love with you. Probably the easiest hap was that. Then buying gifts for you, giving surprises and doing small-small things to make you happy, everything was going so smoothly. The Love can help you start a relation but to run it long, respect should be there. I never asked myself if there’s respect in this relation. That was the biggest mistake I feel now.

Before I could’ve understood you, my pessimistic perceptions judged you. I didn’t pay attention your ideologies and shaped your words mould into my negativity. Small fights and tiny arguments, they were the part of our journey. But, this lack of one tiny ingredient ruined the recipe of our togetherness.

How easy it was to understand the need of love, I need not explain it even. “Why I never felt your need to be in my relation, the respect”

And it’s not like you can bring it into you like a change. It works only if it comes straight from the heart. If you would’ve respect for your love, you’ll always prioritize her intentions and not her words. It will help you go think about her genuineness before reacting anything against.

Your attitude here becomes problem solving. You won’t stretch the things to arguments. The impact of respect would always be stronger than that of love. Respect her/his independency, freedom and let your love feel free. Love speaks to be selfless. Set everyone free to go, see if they still stay, they’re yours!

Why respect should be in any relation. Respect- Best gift for your love

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This is the best gift for your love, keep giving it.

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