Motivation Poem , Success poem

Embark On Your Journey Of Success ||Poetry and Poems||

Motivation Poem , Success poemThe struggles being very obvious in anyone’s life should be taken as routine tasks to be handled. You’re not a failure, if you stood up after a severe breakdown. So, here my poem is…
Thoughts are sacred, so don’t bring hatred,
Eschew all ill thoughts, be like a cascade.
Embark on your journey of success, where…
you shine like a ranbow but not just to fade.
Do your duty as Lord Krishna says,
Don’t hope for fruits, just wait for my grace.
Don’t live in illusion where you get your things done,
Come, try and try dear untill it’s done.
If fear comes to drag you down,
Learn new things and wear new gown.
Just have courage to be your own hero,
Don’t pay attention who thinks you are zero.
Believe you are the best and it’s the final test,
Don’t let your imagination to take any rest.
You’re unstoppable so why to wait,
make best use of time and don’t let it waste.

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