Winning over depression. Motivational Poem

Lost And Shy – Still Alive

Winning over depression. Motivational Poem

Lost and shy but I’m still alive,

written all my pain, words yet to thrive.

tolerated what people did with me,

Every time it was deeper but I had to dive.


I’m strengthening my hand,

and I’m pressuring my mind,

Something slipping like sand,

I don’t know what’s that of a kind.


I could never stand for rights,

cause I’ve been against the fights,

And, no matter I’ve won my days,

I’ve been losing all my nights.


Believe it or not, I’m a stuff kind of shy,

It’s just I’ve been told to show my wings and fly high.

Tried making new friends that was nothing less than a dare,

Where I found a few attractions those pushed me into cry.


Is it about the fate that I’m failing on my wants?

Or is it about the hate that God is taking back the grants?

Now seating all alone I’m just talking to my plants,

And, begging for a life while I’m uttering holy chants.


Ganesha is my friend now and Krishna is my love, No trust in human now I’m thinking all above. Share on X

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