No Hate, Be Compassionate, Forgive and Forget

Peace of Mind – Forgive And Forget

No Hate, Be Compassionate, Forgive and Forget

The more you hate, the lesser you compassionate, so don’t hate, just listen, forgive and forget.

Violence is taking over the silence of millions making the whole environment fearsome. Horrible fact, you can’t stay out of it. May be that’s why I’m learning to be modest in my words, silent in my actions and neutral in my opinions. Humbly, I’m begging for the peace of mind. Things are so unpredictable. And, not just me, this is the story of every 2nd person. Everyone wants that peace and compassion to come back in life.

Political discussions always conclude adding some hate. I personally don’t want to discuss political opinions and that exact I expect from my surroundings. I don’t want people waste their precious time on it. Why can’t we let our opinions save for the right time and use them in a right manner? In an environment where criticism is unacceptable, it’s better to stay silent and updated for everything to matters to your life.

Form an opinion, but don’t discuss!

Also, I feel, everyone is right for the opinion that he/she forms. His/her sentiments shouldn’t be messed up. The concept of individual ideologies should be strengthened with support by not manipulating the mindsets and allowing them to freely form their opinions. I request people to go a bit rationale about their choice of words. That’s what I feel. You may or may not agree on this. But, where I respect your opinion, you too should respect mine! What if they don’t match? Let’s keep altruistic attitude towards each other.

We are being led by a few empowered personalities. Magnetism of these few people is strong enough to distract the mind of billions which can be appreciated in both positive and negative ways. I hope to see if starvation, inflation and unemployment issues could stand tall and get resolved or get better.

Peace of Mind with Compassion

Violence has nothing to offer. Don’t be after it. See, how a compassionate life looks like. So beautiful and harmless. Joyous and calm! Cherish to live such a life. Don’t forget, the lack of compassion calls for stack of stress in mind. And, nothing can justify this stress as right or necessary.

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