Me Without A Reason – The Embarrased Me!

I laugh many times when I see no one around. Floating on overpowered excitement, I feel oscillating waves inside. This could be called as a sort of vibration, I guess! It sometimes makes me shout in happiness where I don’t feel much what I’m doing. Just the way this wave comes, goes too. The reaction becomes unstoppable. Holding on the mind and body feels so difficult. I believe, a few things still exist that identify my new version and thats “Me without a reason”

Its not just that. Infinite variants can be seen of it. A good observer could feel all those. Mind knows best to cool down the body. And, so the instructions move inside to follow that. The much I’ve understood, it’s natural and irrepressible. Acceptance is the only choice. Making awkward faces while stretching the jawline, cracking knuckles non-stop or sometimes tapping the feet on the floor are just a few of those.

If it comes when I be in a crowd is the worst of it. The attention gets stuck on my embarrassed face. And, I try my best to escape the moment. People make faces but with a hesitation so that I don’t feel much bad. But that never push down the embarrassment. I condole myself saying “it’s happens sometimes. Let’s just don’t think about it”

Goosebumps come up as the body reacts to that. The temperature falls down. And, a little unconscious feel weakens me for a while. I wish people could go disappear for that particular time. Anywhere, doesn’t matter!

I feel this like a secret that I can’t disclose to public. Its a hidden pleasure if Im alone. And, that time if it comes, I allow myself freely go with the flow analysing the heights and frequencies of waves running inside. it’s an awesome phenomenon. And, it’s weird, but I actually enjoy this.

If you could relate even a bit of it, please think…

Had ever your emotions led you out control? Ever felt too weak to handle that tsunami of emotions?  Take a deep breath and think what happened exactly!

Did you suddenly banged the floor with legs, clapped your hands too hard, shouted in excitement or you suddenly danced for a while and before your mind could read, it got too late?

Maybe or maybe not! But, this “me without a reason” version is in each one of us. May be slightly unique or completely resembling with someone.

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