You should dare to dream for your life.

Dare To Dream || Poetry And Poems

You should dare to dream for your life.A reverie keeps you alive,
so don’t stop being alive.
Stress kills your creativity,
so, don’t let it kill your activity.
There is life beyond comfort,
so, get up and come of your comfort.

Make the life, valuable, 
and cherish what is available.

You have infinite capability, but limitation in your mind,
get rid of your negative thoughts, indulge in positive vibes.

The life is valauable,
don’t make it hell by wasting time.

A reverie keeps you alive,
so, don’t stop being alive.
You can do wonders,
need some polish thunders,
even lord hanuman once forgot to fly,
but his capabilities let the mountain fly.

Run and run untill you achive your goal,
don’t stop with a minor jolt.
Struggle is the journey of life,
so, don’t make speculation rife
dare to dream, dare to life
until you make it a part of life.

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