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Anxiety – Clean The Dust First!

Anxiety hitting hard with the storms of sudden pressure

stopped knitting dreams, and I prayed to stop this thunder.

Abruptly losing hope, now I’m ready to surrender,

Oh god, I can’t be thinking of making more blunders.


The brain heating up and my heart beating fast,

It’s a matter of some tasks, not the matter of slimy lust.

Reading all it long couldn’t help me much,

Suddenly I realized, Shit, I’ve failed to clean the dust.


People who came close, defrost me and I lost,

easily stole my soul, copied me, and then sold,

don’t know how they won, they tore me into pieces,

now swimming endless, still not getting to see the coast.


Distracting all my mind when I’m not seeing any help,

Sucking all the nights is my task given to self.

Wasted all the time & no values added to life,

I better muffle my voice as nothing here to yelp.


New Things emerge from the anxiety only if you dare to break it.  

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