Don't Waste your time in just correcting your defects.

How To Be Happy With Your Defects ?

Perfection exists in Dictionary, reality vests in Defects. Nutshell sized life that passes with blinks of eyes is better to be enjoyed with flaws than worrying about imperfections. Life is not only about judging what’s right or wrong, it’s not about reacting upon public reactions, worrying about their comments and it’s not about journeying the whole life in just correcting the defects.

Don't Waste your time in just correcting your defects.

Contemporary Predicament-

In today’s life, public comments bothers everyone, still we tag ourselves as untroubled. Lying to oneself has now become a modernly accepted human nature. Staying insultingly silent thereafter regretting alone in your routine keeps you puzzle pated all the time. Once you start feeling down, your mind forms a critical structure, correlating and collecting all such defects that you’ve come to know through your past.

What are the defects?

A physical or mental ability/ inability that’s for a layman is quite uneasy to accept it as a standard human feature is named to be a defect. Vision of life should be 24 X 7 consistent about improvisation but it can’t be confined to mere correcting the defects. A lot more is there to learn and explore beyond just fixing your defects in your mind all the time. Keeping them in mind in a side corner so you can work on it together with hearting upon the things that matters the most would the best coalescent deal. You should aim at beefing up the mentality to make your defects look so small to be noticed in a shine of your wisdom, attitude, thoughts, charm of intelligence, jocundity, art of laughing at your own minus spots etc. to make yourself to be an example for others for a better life.

If Improvising the defects doesn't add value over the time cost, it's better to be with flaws. Share on X

Am I happy with my defects?

Interesting to analyze but hard to accept, yes I’ve been spending the most of the time doing this only. Worthless, the moments I suffered, New Milestones, I could’ve achieved. I hurt my inner soul, betrayed my daily careless happiness and finally turned out to be tetchy guy. “I am not happy actually” could be a guaranteed statement with exceptions that prevail everywhere.

Various types of defects. do we need to improve them.

Don’t Say Defects, Say Features

We all have some features, common and unique, where they can be framed into color, height, physical structures, walking styles, talking and laughing styles, behavior aspects or anything else; rather tagging the abnormalities as defects, tag them as your features. If you also feel like bringing some changes in your features, give it a short cum dedicated time simultaneously feel satisfied throughout the day. Your mind shouldn’t be driven by the correction mentality, the only fear; you need to keep a check on.

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