Why We Need An Alter Ego?

We may or may not have friends but should always have an Alter Ego.

what is Alter Ego?

Conceptually it means the Second Self or the Other I. But here the word is referred to ‘Soulmate’ which means a person with whom we can share almost everything that comes in our heart or our mind.

Alter Ego- Why we need a soulmate?

Why we need an Alter Ego?

Throughout our life, both our heart and mind are being loaded with the events and incidents, we pass through. Everybody knows that if we are permitting their Entry, we must show them Exit too, otherwise it may lead to the overloading of thouhts and the results may be catastrophic. The events may be Good or Bad, Sensitive or Insensitive or General or Specific.

The only way to show them exit is sharing them with others. Practically By sharing, we may not erase them from our memory but somewhat it helps us to reduce the consequences followed by the events. The Good events don’t create much problem as we love to share them with others. For the Bad ones which fall in General and Insensitive categories, we start finding our relatives and friends to share them.

Here come the bad and sensitive events those’re not easily shareable; we keep on storing them and the load gets heavier and heavier day by day and the stress level increases simultaneously. To share such events and incidents everybody tries to find one special person, to whom we call as an Alter Ego. He/she can be in the form of best friend, lover or even parents though in exceptional cases.

Why we need a soulmate, an alter ego in our life.

Despite of many differences, you will always find similarities between you and your Alter Ego  and that really help in establishing the inner connection.

I can't hate you as I can't hate myself and I love you as I love myself, cause you're my soulmate. Share on X

Whenever we encounter any sensible event then, for a short while our mind or heart take the load of it but if we have got the support from our Alter Ego, the problem will not be able to bother us. People without an ‘Alter Ego’ or a soulmate, find themselves in deep isolation and separated from the world.

Few people may have a different view from it. They might be with the view that, few events of life are really not shareable with anyone. As per my opinion there rarely exists any such private or sensitive information. Time may make us lose our soulmates but there’s nothing like getting depressed, quiet natural it is and there is no escape around.

The only thing which is in our control is, go with the pace of the life and face the reality. It’s not necessary that only one person can be our soulmate for our entire life. As we walk ahead on this path of life, we may find a new Soulmate. I know, you might be finding this in contrast with many established theories but it’s true. All we need to do is, keeping our arms open.

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