Evil son got a nice dad.

Father Of An Evil Son – Parenting

the faults in your parenting may ruin your adulthood and old age.It’s a poem about a boy born with a silver spoon. He is the idiot son of a rich father. This poem is to highlight the things where the boy fails, resulting from parenting defaults. Also, it explains the difference in thoughts and responsibility that exist if he gets compared with any self-made man.

An evil son got a nice dad,

One day he’ll be struck at the road end.

Cheap-guy is riding mustang,

No dreams to chase, he’s afraid of pang.

Only class, no values in that gang

here morals are crying in a high slang.


He’s a curse, much like a black hole,

Quiet & motionless like a half-sliced ball.

He has neither been corrected, nor anyone can even,

as he’s bullhead, thinking as if he’s leading the mission.

Anger  hanging on the top, he has no judgement skills,

father is unsure, would his son handle all this?

Parenting Overdose

Someone is going to slop him back on the ground,

the father would lose all that he has found.

regret would replace the love and care,

letting this all happen won’t be fair.

Don’t pamper them too much, you won’t have to cry tears,

let’s teach them hardness of life, at least for the first few years.

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