Descripencies in the Process of interviews

No More Interviews

Descripencies in the Process of interviewsI’m done with it and I hate this process. Interviews are meant to create slavery minds. Yes, I’m a slave. No proud but, no doubt. It’s a deep bog pulling the middle-class salaried dogs in its clutch. It takes you to such a school where the industry standards taught by the slavery vendors. The people who can flatter all the time keeping their neck down is only they can bring out of us.

What’s wrong with Interviews?

Inviting the people in bulk with no pre-screening to the resumes, kicking them out one by one without a proper explanation, the whole process is ruthless. The worst part is when they say, “you may leave for the day, I’ll call you”. Why? I’m fed up with this shit. Just say ‘No’ if it’s no. Again, a hopeful day takes you to the hopelessness. We are now habituated. Accepting it as a common phenomenon, we’ve made up our minds.

Mere for the sake of quorum required numbers, you gather us in bulk and in a matter of seconds you throw us out. Can’t you feel how apathetic your doings are? Please treat me like a human, not like a ewe walking in a herd.

Clones are in popularity here. You’ve changed me into a part of a cloned employee-force.  Since I’m here, where is my individuality? Can you please search that for me? No, it’s gone. And if it still exists, it won’t come back to me. So, don’t teach me unnecessarily. Just give a scope where I can improvise myself.

Interview Expectations

You expect me to be perfect. Right from the bottom of my shoe to my hair, you want everything to look splendid. Well, that can still be justified! But after such efforts, don’t you think I deserve to be interviewed properly. Every time, you expect an icebreaker from me. At least give me a few seconds. Why it’s a kind of a race? Vocally slow or calm humans also can speed up your company. Therefore, just wait n see what I’ve got.

Interview failures

Is it about luck? Or this is how I should restore my lost hope. “Like, maybe this was not good enough for me. I would get a better one. I’m burdened to do this, no escape” Doing this won’t help me much. What matters staying fighting in altogether a wrong path? I think I can think a bit differently. I can choose what suits me. But how can I get to know what I’m good at?

Few lines dedicated to all the aspirants of job who are going to be sliced-off through interviews:

Hey, there’s a job, I applied,

What all I’ve got, I supplied.

It’s a show, I know I need to act,

It’s all humiliating, well, that’s a fact.


Limiting whole my world, I didn’t even notice

Losing in this herd my identity what if?

I dreamed something noble, don’t know how they turned toxic,

In this cloning business, I can never be unique.


It’s ok if I’m not invited,

Would be better, I won’t be sighted

This won’t make me an inferior duck,                          

It would let me move, won’t let me stuck.

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