Thanks to most hated person

Thanks To The Most Hated Person

letter to the enemy, the most hated person

“Two people changes our life, the one we loved the most and the other we hated most”

We live with our own set of rules, priorities, thoughts, opinions, behavior and the most important, the mental privacy wrapped with sentiments. We have our own likes and dislikes. After completing few stages of life, we come across many people who introspects our mental privacy and hurt our sentiments by simply breaking our rules, ignoring our opinions and by making fun of our behavior. But there is one of them who reserve a lifelong space in our mind.

He makes us to cry and cry, every time, ignoring to what we feel and avoiding to what we think about him, just for the sake of adding few fun moments to his life.

He might be one of our school mates, colleagues or relatives. It’s just like we don’t want to see him but we can’t avoid because, for a particular phase of our life, we are bound to face him.

Now why this happens? Why he is so strong and I’m so weak?

It happens because of lack of exposure towards the practical life, weak sense of humor or sometimes because of belonging to a more reserved and over caring family. We actually fail to explore ourselves to fit in the basket of friendship or behavioral qualities of others and this creates a gap between the same generation people and us.thanks to the most hated person of my life

Why I’m thanking Hated Person?

The time we face it like everybody being in such situation, we don’t get it, why they do this to us, what they get from it.

Going a Bit personal…

Now using the tricks or lessons which earlier was mere a torture for me, I actually learnt to survive over many small problems. It slightly changed or you can say upgraded my behavior skills. The dominating position which he enjoyed, I felt myself at that level for many people who were like my older version and it was quite normal for me. But I can’t and I don’t want to do with others what actually I have felt in the past.

Learn from the tortures in the past to survive well in the future, Be thankful !!! Share on X

Is there any necessity to change?

Changes will automatically start coming into your life if you take these things seriously but at same time without worrying about it. The first and foremost step we need to take is that we need to change our circle whether it is of our friends, colleagues or relatives. Life is tough and we have to be tougher, mere regret won’t let you enjoy what you truly deserve to.

saying enemy that you really improved my life and hence thanks to you

From discussion with many people I have researched it out that it happens with almost everyone and our tough times only makes us stronger day by day.

So please dedicate this blog to the most hated person in your life by simply sharing it without mentioning anything else. I’m sure somehow he/she had made your future a bit easier and guys who are facing it now, please take a lesson.

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